Hentai (18+) - Demon Beast Invasion

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Millions of years ago, Earth was inhabited by a race of anthropomorphic giants that can grow tentacles. Following an ecological disaster, the Earth atmosphere had started to become inappropriate for their cellular respiration and they migrated to the planet Quasar PHL-5200. Nevertheless, they did not forget about Earth and have started to send successive vanguards. Referred to as Demon Beasts by the Interplanetary Mutual Observation Agency operatives that try to stop them, the aliens are seeking to create a race of human/alien hybrids which will adapt to the Earth atmosphere and to rule the Earth by proxy. Mei-ling & Hoe Released in 1990-1994

 "Stop it! I can't take it anymore!"

 "Mother! Mother!"

 Mei-ling & Hoe

 "Demon beast be gone! Take this!"


 "Gasp with pleasure! Cry out in delight!"
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